Adult Karate Classes

Adult Karate

Get active, boost confidence and defend yourself with
improved flexibility, endurance, balance, agility and strength.

Classes for adults are held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The Instructors and other students will go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Rather than a disciplined physical training regime, we aim to promote an environment of support and self motivation.

Students range from teenagers and young adults through to adults in their 50′s. Quite a number of our students are parents of juniors who have found that karate is the perfect interest to share with their children as they are growing up.

Our adult classes are taught by experienced and motivated instructors. You will enjoy a great workout, learn traditional karate skills and techniques and learn how to defend yourself.

Bag-work, partner-drills and strength conditioning exercises are all part of the experience to develop healthy individuals. You will find that your stress levels will reduce, you will have increased flexibility and learn self confidence. You will not only be notice your change but your mond and spirit too as your focus improves.


You will find that your self-esteem and confidence levels boost as you are able to defend yourself and recognise your own potential and believe in your abilities.


Getting active and burning off energy is not only a great way to stay healthy and fit, but is also a fantastic way to get those positive “feel-good” endorphins firing. These feel-good endorphins are triggered when you excercise, releasing a positive feeling in the body and mind – which is so important for all of us in this day and age.

You will also find that the karate training will improve your flexibility, endurance, balance, agility and strength.


From the very first class you will notice a difference within yourself and your focus that will carry through to your daily life. Our karate lessons will not only train your body, but your mind and spirit too.

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