Karate Point Cook

Karate Point Cook

Shindo Karate

Shindo Karate Point Cook is operated by Sensei Alan Hill who has been teaching and training Karate for over 26 years. A 4th Dan in Karate & 1st Dan in Kobudo Sensei Alan believes all students can benefit from studying the arts.

Sensei Alan prides himself on training students from the age of 4 to 74 and continues to produce high level black belts with each passing year.


Classes are held at Carranballac P-9 College.

Carranballac P-9 College,
85 Jamieson Way,
Point Cook, 3030

Sensei Alan Hill
9395 0565


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About Sensei Alan

Senior Instructor
Sensei Alan Hill, 4th Dan

Qualifications & Skills
4th Dan Karate Black Belt
1st Kyu in Kubudo (Traditional Weapons)
Over twenty years experience in Shindo Karate
Accredited coach
Retired Officer of the Victorian Police
Regular visitor to Okinawa to train and gain further knowledge, guidance and instruction from masters in the birth place of karate do
Specialist in self defence and awareness
Believes that karate should be taught in a friendly and welcoming environment that has no restrictions to age or fitness levels