Kids Karate Classes

Kids Karate

Your child will develop skills that will not only benefit them in Karate but at home, on the playing field and at school.

Shindo Karate Association has been helping Kids achieve confidence, fitness and focus that extends far beyond the Karate Dojo.

Our aim with the Shindo juniors classes are to provide a fun yet disciplined approach to karate while building fitness and confidence that you will notice and admire in your child. While we understand it may be scary to some parents and their kids, we take as much care as we can to ensure a safe training experience and believe it is no more dangerous than playing any other sport.

Karate builds friendships that hold for life as many of the instructors met as kids in karate.

If your child is under 6, they will be more suited to our Little Ninjas Classes. Click here to learn more about Little Ninjas.

Children will learn skills that benefit them in life including:


Many parents enroll their children into the Shindo Karate Training to boost their confidence, self-esteem and feeling of self-worth. Kids put forth their best effort, defend themselves, recognise their own potential and believe in their abilities. Because of their own efforts, there is a feeling of pride with each rank advancement. Children are encouraged to be the best they can be.


Getting active and burning off energy is not only a great way to stay healthy and fit, but is also a fantastic way to get those positive “feel-good” endorphins firing. These feel-good endorphins are triggered when you excercise, releasing a positive feeling in the body and mind – which is so important for kids in this day and age.

Our karate training will improve flexibility, endurance, balance, agility, strength and motor skills.


From the very first class, your child will learn the importance of eye contact, posture, and active listening skills that will benefit them not only in karate but at home, on the playing field, and of course, at school. Both teachers and parents often notice the difference in children who participate in our karate training. Your child will be more focused with school and homework.

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