The best decision we ever made…

“Why Karate?” I was asked when I first decided to put Lachie at the age of six into the Shindo dojo in Altona Meadows. My reason was simple, I thought it would give him the confidence he so needed at that age being a quite reserved kind of child as well as being one of the smallest child in his grade, I believed martial arts would be a good fit for him.

Lachie took to karate with enthusiasm and a unique ability from day one, thanks to the help, support and encouragement that Sensei Vince has always given him.

I can’t tell you how proud I was watching him go through his gradings and have people comment “Who’s that little pocket rocket, he’s pretty good”.

Dropping him off at his first black belt grading at the tender age of 11 was one of the hardest things I have done as a mother. Not knowing what was installed for him and watching Lachie’s terrified nervous little face was hard to bear, but I was very humbled that some of the adults (thank you Norm, Brad and Mario to name a few) took him under their wing and looked after him. I’ll never forget being told that most of the adults had been given 20 extra pushups for not being ready on the mats because they were consoling a terrified Lachie. I believe that to be the great Shindo spirit that everyone looks out for their own. Was also proud to hear from these same people that Lachies transformation and confidence was a complete turnaround from that shy little boy to a confident young man , who was quite comfortable to approach an adult to shake a hand , or have a joke with.

Lachie continued to show interest in karate even after his first black belt and started looking and working hard towards his 1st dan, which he achieved at the age of 12. He has then gone on to complete his 2nd dan this year at 14!

He has continued to work hard even while juggling High School with good grades and has made some lifelong friends, which he considers to be part of his family. Watching the kids and also the adults have that amazing team spirit is gorgeous to watch. I can’t thank the Shindo family enough for having so much faith in my boy and making him the confident and respected teenager he has become and that’s why I’m glad I went with my gut feeling.

His sister Jaime who is also six will continue in her brother’s footsteps and become part of the Shindo clan and start her own karate journey in 2013.

Our family has been apart of Shindo for the past 8 years and cannot praise them enough!! My son has a deep respect for the instructors and they are pretty much our second family! Without the office staff, I would have absolutely no idea of comps, gradings etc. they keep me updated and nothing is ever a problem!!
Highly recommend this club.

– Rebecca Granger

An amazing club that becomes just as much a family. Wonderful with the kids from little, all the way through to teens and beyond, developing not only karate skills but leadership, respect, resilience, and more. Amazing opportunities for those who show ability and interest in competing, with the best Sensei and coaches and the club regularly doing exceptionally well at competitions. And great for adults to have a go at karate too!

– Kerry Robins

Fantastic enthusiasm and positivity within the club!!! Always building confidence and self esteem to the kids & really get the kids excited to be there. It has been a fantastic journey watching my 4 year old transform into a skilled black belt over the last 7 years and she shows no sign of slowing down!

– Name Omitted – Williamstown Dojo

Fantastic group of people, teaching kids to adults in a fun yet serious way. My boys really enjoy themselves and I can see the positive growth in their character

– Guy Nicholson